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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hadagutful 2013 - Now with more guts

It’s on again, the Stop Live Exports Human Chain across the Stirling Bridge in Fremantle.

They’re a persistent bunch, but then so are we. Last year we gate crashed their little party and it was BRILLIANT!

If you weren’t there, words can’t describe how the day felt. The huge BBQ in the morning. The inspirational speakers (we have a bigger PA system this year, so you can actually hear them this time), the mass of people pouring down the hill to line the foreshore, and then the trucks. God bless those trucks.

So this year we’d like a repeat, maybe even one better. East Fremantle Council have been kind enough to grant us the use of Merv Cowan Park again. The CWA will be doing coffees and morning tea. The BBQ’s are being dusted off and a few other things organised.

Twelve months ago we owned a sheep feedlot, a farm and a pastoral station. Today we are left with just the station. The new regulations placed on the live export industry crippled us. Our export depot ceased, our stock sales stopped overnight and those that we could sell went for a song. All of this can be put down to one thing.

Pressure. And not even real pressure. It’s a perceived pressure which spooked a weak government. Thankfully today we have an Ag Minister who has dust on his boots and who can tell a sheep from a cow from a horses arse, unlike his predecessor.  But it may not be enough alone. We need to turn that perceived pressure on its head. Nothing makes a statement like two thousand  cheering farmers.

And it’s not just us it’s affecting. Since last year I don’t know how many calls and emails we’ve had from people in the same situation. Sadly it’s gotten too much for some and I worry about others.

If you came last year, please, come again. If you didn’t come last year, please do. If you haven’t seen it already, this video is from last year.  It still gives me goosebumps.

Last year the rally was organised with a mobile phone and high speed internet. Sadly, they went the way of our farms so please forgive me if details are a bit sparse this time round. Following are the details. If you can, print them out and stick them everywhere you can think of. Pubs, shops, CBH bins. Thank you all for your support this last year and together we can show them all we’ve still had a bloody gutfull.

Michael Trant and Gemma Cripps


#Hadagutful 2013

Support Live Export Rally

Sunday 8th December – 9.00am

At Merv Cowan Park, Fremantle

Be there early, parking is limited.

·       The anti export movement is holding a human chain along Stirling Bridge against Live Export.

·       To show them for the minority they are, we need as many live export supporters we can muster to rally in the parkland below.

·       Bring banners, placards and plenty of passion.

·       Dress in your stock agents colours.

·       Get a group together and bring a busload.

·       Bring water, supply is limited


We hope to have speakers present. Flyers will be available to take and hand out to the general public. A sausage sizzle will be on for the early birds. Let’s make a day of it and show our support for our own industry.


Last year was a huge success. Let’s do it again.

Visit the Save Live Export Facebook Group for more info.

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