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Tuesday 19 March 2013

#Hadagutful 2.0 - This time it's personal.....

In November 2012, we showed everyone we’ve had a bloody gutful.

Had a gutful of the criticism, the insults, the assumptions, the simplistic solutions offered, the ideological claims and counter claims against our trade.

Had a gutful of some bright spark in an office somewhere claiming that he’d worked out on a piece of paper that should the live trade cease, sheep prices will only drop by $5-10, while at the same time we watch them plummet from $90 to $35 in the space of twelve months with a restricted trade. And that’s if you can actually sell them.

Had a gutful of being told we should send all our animals to local processors while the local processor tells us they either a.) don’t want them b.) can’t take them for eight weeks or c.) can only take some until the new season lambs come online.

Had a gutful of being told how much of a difference our new regulations are making a huge to overseas markets, while reading that Romania has lifted sheep exports from zero to a million head, and how Somaliland is gearing up their new 55 000 head holding facility for Saudi. Only difference has been we aren’t there.

Had a gutful of being told how our new regulations are an improvement in animal welfare, while we castrate ram hoggets and lop their horns off to the ear because we can’t sell them anymore, but might be able to as wethers, once they heal.

So last year, we had a gutful.

Now, we’ve just got the shits on.