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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blatant Self Promotion.....

If you've been reading for a while and ever wondered what it be like to be on a station, here's your chance. Welcome to Gabyon Station Stay, our new little sideline that we hope people will enjoy.

We've got some basic rooms and amenities, and with 670 000 acres, there's plenty of space to pitch the tent or park the caravan, but if you like your toilet to flush and your showers hot, you'll probably want to stay close to the compound, and you won't find stars clearer than out here.

The quarters are ones used by the shearing teams right up until 2009, when Gabyon shore the last of their merinos before we took over.  The white washed stone walls and iron sheeted roof are the same as they were eighty odd years ago, and are just across the road from the hundred year old shearing shed. Some rooms have skylights, so you can sleep under the stars, without being under the stars.

You can do as little or as much as you like at Gabyon. The mobiles won't work out here, so they won't bother you. Days don't mean much. All you need to know it is today, was yesterday and will be tomorrow. If you're into horses, you can bring your own, or use one of ours. Exploring on horseback is a great way to see the wildlife and scenery. Or if you want something a little faster, there's always a motorbike handy.

Bring a camera. If the rains have been kind, the display of wildflowers is astounding, and even if it's been a bit lean in the rain gauge, the stock waters are still a magnet for all sorts of birdlife, bungarra lizards, emus and kangaroos. The sunrises on cool crisp still mornings make for great photos, or, if you'd prefer, the sunsets through the clouds are just as spectacular, with the added bonus of a beer in the hand.

So that's it for now. Chances are we'll do a stand alone blog for the Stay. We've got the Facebook page up and going, a Youtube vid and probably a Twitter account soon (what's one more when you've got three already?). As we get more and more organised we'll keep on adding things and improving hopefully. So if you'd like to come and have a gander, please, feel free. It's a two hour drive from Geraldton on bitumen save for the last 17 kilometres. Hope to see you soon.


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Anonymous said...

I like your blatant promotion very much! My colleagues from Grain Moisture Tester were looking for a rural place to spend a week-end on. I shared your post with them, so expect some guests soon!