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Thursday, 1 November 2012

So Sue Me.

All tough and brave while the other blokes not looking.
One of our last litters of puppies was all female except for a single boy. It was Gemma's idea to name him Sue, and much to our worker mans disgust, he even has a bright pink collar. The plan being of course, as per the song, he would grow up to be big and tough and strong. Instead, he's a big dopey oaf, but not to worry. So for fun, and with much apologies to the late, great Mr Cash, the following is in honour of our Dog named Sue.

Sold to my boss soon as I could see
Cos my parents owners couldn’t handle me
Had too many dogs and not enough cattle to do
Now I don’t blame him cos he took the bid
But the meanest thing that he ever did
Was day I got born, he went and named me Sue.

Well he must o thought that was quite a joke
And it got a lot of laughs from the country folk
As my Boss and I worked the district through.
Farmers would laugh and I’d see red
And when they did I’d piss on their leg
I tell ya, life aint easy for a dog named Sue

Well , I learned real quick and made a good team
With my Boss we worked the mustering scene
We soon came known as the best in the game.
But I made a vow, to my Boss’s alarm
That I’d search the stations and the farms
And find that man who gave me that awful name.

Well in the Kimberly in mid July
Running in cattle while the place was dry
Chased them up and did what we had to do
As the dust settled in the yard
There on the rail, blowing hard
Sat the dirty, mangy man that named me Sue

Well, I knew that he was the first boss I had
Cos sitting in his ute was my retired Dad
And I heard him brag as he looked right into my eye
"That dog is the best one I’ve ever sold,"
And hearing this made my blood run cold
And I thought “You named me Sue! Just how could you?
I just want to know why!!

So I spooked a bullock with wild eyes
Who charged at him, but to my surprise
He leapt of the rail and grabbed me by the tip of my ear
But I twisted free and with a loud yap
Sent of mob of weaners running over his lap
Barking and a yapping at him till his boot swung past my rear

I know I’ve annoyed the Boss before
But ever this much, I can’t recall
Made him look a fool and he chained me up for a while
Later that night as he slept in the swag
I found the guys boots and my tail wagged
I crapped in them so I’d smell him coming a mile

Next day we was out in the bush
Two old bulls were fighting and I gave them a push
They trampled his bike and he swore black and blue
But he knelt down and called to me
I went over, leg ready to pee
And he looked at me with a smile that grew

He said  “Now you’re a bloody good working mutt

And I know why you’re trying ta kill me but
There’s something important you need to know.
You was the only boy in a litter of eight
And I’d have called ya Rex if not for fate
When this song came over the radio."

Then he sang the song which made me grin
I forgave him as he scratched under my chin
And we left that day to work with another crew
And I think about all the other pets
With boring names like Boof and Rex
And if I ever have a pup, I think I’m gonna name him
Fido, or Rover! Anything but Sue! I still hate that name!

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