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Monday 17 September 2012

The eyes have it.

This came across my Facebook feed the other day. Its a lovely sentiment, two friends willing to share despite each probably wanting the stick for themselves. A great photo.

Look closer. Check out the eyes on the brown dog. He wants that stick. I am betting that the poor lovable dopey looking retriever is within a few seconds of getting a helluva flogging from the brown dog and losing his stick. Why do I think this? Because I've seen that look before. When you grow up around animals you learn to read them. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they walked off in the sunset holding the stick, best mates forever.

I guess what I'm trying to say is while a picture can tell a thousand words, sometimes those words are easily opened to interpretation based on what your own experiences are. I see a great photo. But I can imagine the fur that flew after it.

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Jacana said...

I agree with you - the poor golden retriever - so docile has no idea.