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Thursday, 12 July 2012

I knew him before he was famous.....

You may have seen this video. I love it. The Peterson Brothers parody of the popular song I'm Sexy and I Know It by the group LMFAO (ask someone else what that stands for). I'm Farming and I Grow It. This isn't the first parody video involving farming I've seen, but it is by far the best. A lot of time and effort went into those few minutes we get to watch. The Kansas boys have done a remarkable job. In case you are the one of the last few people who haven't seen it, I've put the video below.

Now this reminded me of a silly conversation had with an online friend about farming songs, or, to be more precise, changing the titles of songs to make them farming songs. As the Peterson Brothers did. Top of the list was Everyday I'm Mustering, co incidentally, also from a song by LMFAO. This got me thinking. With a bit of work I was sure I could put together something showing one of our greatest assets. Our dogs. So last Sunday while getting in the stock for selection for the next weeks Farmers Markets I played with the video recorder of my phone. Coupled with some earlier video I had and a few hours of mucking around I came up with this.
I'm quite proud of it, dogs doing what they love best and a feel good tune to go with it. But there was a price to pay. The local TV news somehow got wind of it, and after finally tracking me down asked if they could show a bit that night in conjunction with the Peterson Brothers video. Somewhat taken aback, I agreed and did a short little interview there and then over the phone. It was aired that night. The News clip is here.
Now, what I forgot to do was tie up the dogs before the story aired. We made a point of sitting down to watch, and turns out so did the damn dogs. They must have bunched up along the window sill like a flock of galahs, peering in to see themselves on telly. It went straight to their heads. The next day Ned was demanding appearance fees when I told him to go back. Bloody Buddy told me to talk to his agent when I opened his cage and now Indy is demanding the red kibble be separated from the brown kibble and there must be an even number of pieces. Rockstars have nothing on this pack.
So just to show not everything goes according to plan, I've picked up a few pieces off the cutting room floor and stitched together an out takes video. And threatened Ned with the release of "that tape" of him "helping" a goat "stuck"in the fence should he get uppity again.

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Raelene Hall said...

Another great blog Michael. The videos just add to it. Love that you showed what tv would call 'the bloopers'. What's that saying 'never work with animals or kids?"!!