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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Just add water......

In August 2009 the then owner of Gabyon Station rang us up. At this stage we were still busy convincing the banks buying the place was a good idea. "You've got to come up and have a look around the joint,"he said. "Even if you don't end up buying it, we'll never see it this good again." They had just had their first real winter in years, and the place was going off, in fact the background photo of this blog comes from then, as does the side photo of the flowers near the yards.

Rob may have jumped the gun a little with his last statement. After a decent winter in 2009, and a reasonable one in 2010, it seems the heavens finally remembered what it supposed to do, and that it liked doing it. Rain. Glorious rain. It started raining in December 2010 and doesn't seemed to have stopped since. And the best thing is, everyone looks to have got something.

Can you see the huge log just in front of the motorbike? I didn't either.

 Seeing as I'm having trouble getting a slide show to work, I'll just put a few of the best photos up.

Apparantly there are sheep in this paddock.

Mulla mulla going mad

Rain in early 2011

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