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Tuesday 19 March 2013

#Hadagutful 2.0 - This time it's personal.....

In November 2012, we showed everyone we’ve had a bloody gutful.

Had a gutful of the criticism, the insults, the assumptions, the simplistic solutions offered, the ideological claims and counter claims against our trade.

Had a gutful of some bright spark in an office somewhere claiming that he’d worked out on a piece of paper that should the live trade cease, sheep prices will only drop by $5-10, while at the same time we watch them plummet from $90 to $35 in the space of twelve months with a restricted trade. And that’s if you can actually sell them.

Had a gutful of being told we should send all our animals to local processors while the local processor tells us they either a.) don’t want them b.) can’t take them for eight weeks or c.) can only take some until the new season lambs come online.

Had a gutful of being told how much of a difference our new regulations are making a huge to overseas markets, while reading that Romania has lifted sheep exports from zero to a million head, and how Somaliland is gearing up their new 55 000 head holding facility for Saudi. Only difference has been we aren’t there.

Had a gutful of being told how our new regulations are an improvement in animal welfare, while we castrate ram hoggets and lop their horns off to the ear because we can’t sell them anymore, but might be able to as wethers, once they heal.

So last year, we had a gutful.

Now, we’ve just got the shits on.

Letters, emails and phone calls don’t seem to have worked. Senator Bob Carr said two weeks ago he knew of no problems in foreign relations with importing countries. The Chief Vet said what a wonderful job the regulations were doing. Senator Joe Ludwig heralds the changes a success, despite many letters from affected producers.

So we need to make it personal.

On Wednesday 27th March, the Prime Minister and her Cabinet will be attending a Community Cabinet at the Thornlie Senior High School, Ovens Road, Thornlie, W.A, from 4.30 pm onwards. Details of the event are here.



I would urge as many of you as possible to attend. Registration has closed for attendance to the public forums, though a few of us have managed to get accepted, but a large presence outside the venue would certainly draw attention to our cause. We all know the effects this Government has had on export markets, and the subsequent flow on effects to the entire sheep and cattle industry. Newspaper articles, letters and phone calls don’t seem to be getting anyone’s attention, Senator Bob Carr himself said only a few weeks ago he had no knowledge of any problems.

Please be aware the the Stop Live Exports movement is also planning to attend, though they would rather we weren’t there, and in an email sent to their subscribers they commented “We do not want a repeat of the pro-live export counter-presence that occurred at the Human Chain event in November, so would like to keep it off social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.) until then.”

The November Rally was all about countering theirs. This time, it’s all about the Politicians who will be there. We want a show of numbers to let them know just how many peoples lives they have affected. And it is because of this and the large National media presence that will be there it is imperative that any one attending keeps firmly in line.

As a visual representation, we are asking that you bring along a sheep or cattle tag. We hope to be able to present these to someone as a display of our unhappiness with their handling of live exports.

Also, feel free to bring banners and signs, but again, please remember to keep them respectful and relevant.

We have no real idea how the afternoon will go. Security will be tight as the Prime Minister will be there. All we can hope is we get some coverage and those inside the meeting get a chance to pose some questions or make some points.

The following is being circulated around, please feel free to spread further.

Hadagutful 2...

Livestock Producers from all over the state will be making the trip to Perth to pose questions and voice their concerns regarding the Live Export Industry to the Prime Minister at the Community Cabinet next Wednesday, March 27th 2013.

Producers Australia wide can contribute by emailing an A4 or A5 summary of their name, property location, an outline of their current situation as a result of the last ban on live export and the potential effect an immediate ban would have. Livestock eartags are also being collected to illustrate the sheer volume of businesses that have been and will be affected by a ban on live export. Included in this submission producers can submit the key questions they would like to put to the PM.

For those who would like to show their personal support, they are encouraged to do so and can meet at Thornlie Senior High School at 4.00pm, Wednesday March 27th where they can take part in a peaceful and respectful show of support for the Live Export producers and industry. Please bring along signs similar to the ones used at the rally in Fremantle - which simply said “#hadagutful” or “I am a ............. and I support Live Export”.

To submit a tag from your property, post to Boyup Brook Co-op, Bridge St, Boyup Brook 6244 WA. Alternatively, your stockbrand can be typed and emailed through in a word document.
Please email your personal story to

Further info Felicity Taylor

I would also like it to be known this has all come about from a wide range of people, not just us.

Thank you for the support, and hopefully with the upcoming election we can put some pressure on for some action.



Michael Trant and Gemma Cripps.



Gemma Lee-Steere said...

As if there was ever a chance that primary producers would forfeit the opportunity to attend a Community Cabinet with the PM. We don't just hide in the bush when so much is at stake.

Good work, see you there Michael.

Anonymous said...

You guys arent the only ones who have had a gutful.

The farming lobby have been well and truly done over by the export industry.

Unknown said...

there ought to be a law! farmers from growers markets are willing to support your campaign.

Seriously Think For A Minute said...

Hiya, long shot but think when the first hadagutful rally was on, there were some anti live export folk on the bridge...well one young lady from amongst them posted a video on youtube, talking about the brutal thuggery of the police and how ugly it got yada yada...then someone else showed excerpts of her video, then added on some actual footage from on the bridge showing how good the police really were and how thin her BS was. I cannot find it and wondering if any one has a link please? Cheers :-)