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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Good Head for Radio....

Yesterday the ABC came out to talk about how the new export laws (ESCAS) is affecting us.

If you want to hear our thoughts, have a listen. No wise cracks in this post, it's just not funny anymore.


TheFOSBYReport said...

For what its worth, mate, I'm sharing this (and your previous posts) with everyone i know in Melbourne, and around the world.

We no longer have our 4th generation merino/beef farm, and every one of your posts brings a tear to my eye.

Keep your chin up champ. Keep fighting this great fight. You are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

The Australian government has clearly targeted the profitability of animal protein production in Australia. Started on cattle and have moved onto sheep. This isn't about animal welfare. It is part of a global agenda to reduce meat consumption. Can't tell people not to eat it but they can put producers, transporters, handlers and abbatoirs out of business by stuffing around with the trade. Keep changing the goal posts and nobody will invest anywhere in the supply chain. They know this. An act of treason by our own leaders. We should be on the cusp of a boom in demand for animal protein! Thoughts go out to you Michael and his family. Wheatbelt Grain Cocky